Unlike Ad-ID’s standard API which requires permission be granted to obtain code information, Complete External Access (CEA) allows only approved companies, like publishers, to confirm a code they have received is a valid Ad-ID and read select information associated to that code. Ad-ID information cannot be modified in any way through CEA. Publishers can use CEA once they have signed the CEA agreement. Other companies may request access and must be approved.

The Ad-ID website has more information on CEA as well as links to the list of companies that have signed the CEA agreement and a link to download the CEA specification.

Users can choose to exclude specific Ad-ID codes from CEA when creating or editing codes, so the approved companies cannot access the information associated to that code. If a code is excluded from CEA, the approved CEA companies can only confirm the Ad-ID code is valid and the name of the associated parent company.

Please contact customer service if you are interested in using CEA and they will direct you to the appropriate contacts.