There are 2 options for creating multiple codes. With both options, you can create up to 100 codes. The codes will be created in the same group under the same prefix. Multiple codes cannot be created at the same time with different prefixes or media types (Video, Audio, etc.).

Option 1: Create Multiple Codes By Entering # of Codes

This option allows you to enter the number of codes needed. When using this feature, all the data will be the same for all codes so you will need to edit the code information after they are created if any changes are needed.

If using this option with a Custom 4 prefix, the 4 custom characters will be the same for each code and the overflow will be used to make the code unique. E.g., ABCD1234000, ABCD1234100, ABCD1234200, etc.

Option 2: Create Multiple Codes By Varying Fields

This option allows you to enter varying data for specific fields: Ad Title, Version, Length, Campaign. For example, if you need to create 10 codes with different titles, you can enter each title separated with a comma.

If using this option with a Custom 4 or Custom 7 prefix, you will be required to enter the custom codes in the Ad-ID field separated with a comma.

See Create Multiple Codes for detailed instructions.