Two custom code formats are available to handle your specific naming conventions.  Custom formats cannot be changed once they are selected and require ongoing input from the user 

The instructions be displayed under the Prefix drop down on the code creation screen. This may include a contact to reach out to with questions.

Custom 4: The Custom 4 format requires a User defined 4-character section following the prefix. Instructions must be included when the prefix is set up.   Once entered the 4 characters cannot be edited.  The count will be maintained in the Overflow area in order to prevent any duplicate codes.

Custom 7: The Custom 7 format allows for the most flexibility, however, must be manually maintained by you. The 7 characters following the Prefix can consist of any combination of letters or numbers. The special instructions for this custom code format must be included setting up the Prefix. You will get an error if you have created a duplicate code.  You can also edit the code in your Custom 7 entries if you have an error.     

If you aren’t sure, you can contact the Client Success Team and they can help you set up your Prefix and select a code format