1. Click on the Accounts menu and select an account.

2Click on Purchase Credits from the account home page. 

         If you cannot purchase credits, you may not have the authority to make purchases for the specific account. 

       Please contact cs@ad-id.org for more information.

3. Enter the amount. Do not include a dollar sign ($).

4. Choose payment method. If purchase order is chosen, an invoice will be emailed.

5. Enter the payment information.

      Purchase Order: PO # is required, job/project # is optional

      Credit Card: All fields are required

6. Verify billing information and edit if needed. Click Next.

      Invoice Note allows you to include information to be displayed on the invoice (e.g. Purchase 25 Ad-ID codes).

      If the Invoice Recipient needs to be updated, the account Administrator must edit on the Edit Account screen.

7. Verify the information is correct on the confirmation screen. Click Confirm.

8. A green message confirms credits have been deposited.