The set up assistant is for a new advertiser that needs a group, prefix and account. It cannot be used to complete a set up involving an existing group, prefix or account.

At any point during the set up process, you may select Save to save the information already entered. To retrieve saved information, go to the Set Up Assistant, click Continue on the 501(c)(3) page and select Retrieve. Only one set up can be saved at a time. 

1. Click on the Create menu and select Set Up Assistant.

2Leave the default selection of No and Continue. 

      If the advertiser is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, you cannot continue with  the set up assistant. See Non-profit rates.

3. Enter the group name.

     Usually includes the advertiser, agency or combination of both. See Ad-ID Glossary for definition of group. 

4. Enter emails to add others to the group (optional). Click Continue.

5. Enter a 4-character prefix. Click Continue.

      Prefixes can be alpha-numeric. Use Auto Suggest to find available prefixes. See Ad-ID Glossary for definition of prefix. 

6. Choose code format. Determines how the characters after the prefix will be generated.

      4 Digit Code is the most common. See What is an example of an Ad-ID code? for more details.

7. Enter the prefix description. Click Continue.

      Usually the name of the advertiser, brand or product.  The prefix note is an additional description required only for custom 4 and custom 7.

8. Find the appropriate Parent company the prefix will be registered to.

      See Ad-ID Glossary for definition of Parent. If you cannot find the parent company, please save the set up assistant and contact for assistance.

9. Associate to Advertiser, Brand or Product. This is optional. Click Continue.

      We recommend selecting Advertiser at a minimum. The values selected here will be associated to the prefix and will auto-populate when creating codes.

10. Enter the account name. Choose billing info option. Click Continue.

        Usually the advertiser name, agency name or combination of both. See Ad-ID Glossary for definition of Account.  

11. Verify and/or edit billing information. Click Continue.

         Enter at least one email to receive invoices and statements. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.        

          Invoice memo: for information that is required to be on all invoices.

          Invoice note: for additional descriptive information to be displayed on the invoice for the current purchase.

12. Enter the number of codes to purchase. Click Calculate.

         Leave blank to purchase codes later. All amounts are US dollars.

13. If purchasing codes, choose payment method. Click Continue.

         With the purchase order option, an invoice is emailed.

14. Enter payment information. Click Continue.         

15. Review confirmation screen, including costs, if any. Click Confirm.         

16. Next you will be brought to the code creation screen. See Create Codes.