A group, prefix and account must be set up before creating a code. Separate instructions are available for creating multiple codes at one time.

1. Click on the Create menu and select Create a New Ad-ID Code.


Please note:   All required fields on code creation screen have red asterisks.

2Choose the Group, Prefix and Account.            

3. Select Media Type. Medium will display the default.

    Click "Show All Mediums" to view/choose multiple mediums.

4. For video codes, choose a definition. You can choose multiple.

      Multiple definitions can be chosen to create matching codes at no additional cost.

      For example: ABCD1234000 and ABCD1234000H

5. The parent, advertiser, brand and product may populate based on the prefix.

      If nothing is selected, make a selection from the list or choose Other and type in the value.

6. Enter the Ad Title and Length.

      Length/Size includes a standard list of lengths. 

      Video and Audio lengths are in seconds. Other and Tagged are additional options.

      Other: Must be numbers and/or decimals (e.g., 24 or 8.5). No special characters.

      Tagged: Must be numbers and slashes (e.g., 27/3 or 27/2/1). No special characters.

7. The Agency Name and Language will default or you can enter/select a value.

8. Code Record Type defaults to Original.

      If Derivative is selected, optional fields for Parent Record and Derivative Type will appear.    

9. Optional fields, including optional media specific fields, can be left blank.     

10. Click on Submit.  

         If enough credits were available, the code will be created. 

         If not enough credits, you will be sent to a payment screen to complete the payment information.