A group and account must be set up before creating a prefix (see Glossary).

1. Click on the Create menu and select Create a New Prefix.

2Enter 4-character prefix.

      Prefixes can be alpha-numeric but cannot start with zero.   

      If prefix is not available, the system will suggest others. Use Auto Suggest to help find an available prefix.     

3. Choose the code format (see Code Format Options).

    The first 3 options are automated. The Custom options require user input.

4. The prefix description is usually the advertiser or specific brand or product.

      Prefix Note is only required if Custom 4 or Custom 7 was chosen in previous step.

      Prefix Note describes how the custom characters should be entered. 

      The note will display on the code creation screen.

5. Select group(s) to add this prefix to.

      Hold the Control key (Command on Mac) to select (or deselect) multiple groups.

      If you are not able to select the appropriate group, create a new group or request access to an existing group.

6. Select the account (group must be chosen first).

      The Parent company associated to the account will also be assigned to the prefix.       

7. You may choose Advertiser, Brand and Product, but it is not required.

      Any values selected for these fields will auto-populate during code creation.

8. Click on Create Prefix.  

      A message will show if the Parent company has an existing prefix. Please contact customer service for assistance.