Cloning refers to using data from an existing code to create a new code.

1. Find the code you want to clone.

      Access the code from the Ad-ID Codes table on the dashboard or group, or find through search.

2Check the box next to the code and select Clone from Actions menu.

      If you are in a particular code record, there is also a Clone option in the right side bar.     

      Clone Option 1

      Clone Option 2

3. On code creation screen, all data will be completed based on the cloned code.

    If cloning a Custom 4 code, it will use the same 4 characters. Update if needed.

      If cloning a Custom 7 code, you will be required to enter a new code.

4. For video codes, confirm the correct Definitions are selected.     

5. Make all necessary edits then click on Submit.   

         If enough credits were available, the code will be created. 

         If not enough credits, you will be sent to a payment screen to complete the payment information.