1. Find the code you want to edit.

      Access the code from the Ad-ID Codes table on the dashboard or group, or find through search.

2Click directly on the code.      

3. Click on Edit on the right side.    

4. Make necessary changes.

      All fields in the slate and additional tabs can be edited. 

      The Parent cannot be edited.      

5. Media Type cannot be changed in some cases.

      Display Creative codes cannot be changed to another Media Type.

      Media Type cannot be changed to Display Creative from another Media Type.

      Video codes cannot be changed to another Media Type.   

6. For Video codes, select definition if additional are needed.

      If you created a code with one definition and need to create a matching code.

      For example, check off HD if you need to create the matching HD code for the SD code.

      Once the form is submitted, the matching code will be created.    

7. For Video codes, check the "apply changes" box to update all definitions.

      When editing an SD, HD or 3D code, changes are only applied to the specific code you are editing.

      Select the check box to apply the changes to the matching SD/HD/3D versions.



8. Click on Submit.