The following instructions walk through creating an Account (see Glossary) that needs to be associated to an existing Group and Prefix. You must have Administrator or User access to the existing group and prefix prior to creating the account. The account must be set up in order to create codes.

1. Click on the Create menu and select Create a New Account.

2Enter the account name.

      Leave the 501(c)(3) non-profit box unchecked.   

      Account name is usually the advertiser, agency or combination of both to help identify the account.     

3. Enter an Invoice Memo, if needed.

    This is an optional field. All invoices for this account will include the memo.

      For example, if a vendor # is required on all invoices, enter the vendor # in the memo.

4. Enter billing information.

      Information will populate based on your user profile. All fields are required.

      At least one email must be provided to receive invoices and statements.

      Multiple email addresses may be entered, separated by a comma.

      Check "Also send invoices to purchaser" if the user making the purchase should receive invoices.

5. Select group to add this account to.

      You must be an Administrator or User of the group.

6. Select the prefix(es) (group must be chosen first).

      You must be an Administrator or User of the prefix(es).

      Use control key (command on Mac) to select multiple prefixes.

      The Parent company associated to the prefix will also be assigned to the account.           

7. Click on Add new Account.      

8. The account is now created. Make a purchase or click Cancel.