Access to an account does not provide the ability to create codes. Users do not have to be given access to an account in order to use it to create codes. A user needs to be added to a group (see Glossary) to create codes.

There are 5 permissions available for account access:

Administrator: Can add, edit and remove users; add, edit and remove email recipients for notifications, invoices and statements; close the account; see all groups and users that have access to account.

User: In addition to all Edit Only and Read Only permission, can add and remove groups and prefixes to the account (subject to their permission to the group or prefix). 


Edit Only: In addition to Read Only permissions, can edit the account and billing information, use the calculator and purchase credits.  

Read Only: View the account information and view the groups and prefixes associated with the account (subject to their permission to the group or prefix). 

Inherited Permission: Occurs when a user is not added directly to the account but is added to a group associated to the account. They have permission to use the account and view certain information. If they are added to the group as an Administrator or User, they have permission to use the associated account to make purchases and create codes.