Codes can be exported from the Ad-ID Codes table found on the Dashboard, group page(s), prefix page(s) or search results. 

The fields included in the exports can be customized.  

1. Find the code(s) you want to export.

      Access codes from the Ad-ID Codes table. Sort columns or filter in table if needed.

      Export up to 100 codes from the Dashboard.

      Export up to 1,000 records from the Group or search results screen.

      For larger exports, contact Client Success.

2Check the box next to the code(s) to be exported.

      Check box at top left to select all codes.

      A pop up message will indicate if it selects all codes in the table or on the current page.  


3. Click on Export menu and select preferred export option.

    Slate: Includes only fields on the Slate or those selected in your preferences.

      Full: Includes all fields on the Slate and additional tabs in the code record.

         CSV (comma-separated values or character-separated values): exports in a simple text format

         Excel: exports in Microsoft Office Excel

         XML (Extensible Markup Language): exports in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable

         XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform): exports in a format that can be used to import metadata into digital files