Codes can be emailed from the Ad-ID Codes table found on the Dashboard, group page(s), prefix page(s) or search results. 

The fields displayed in the Ad-ID Codes table can be customized. These fields will be used when emailing codes. When emailing codes, the information is sent in the body of the email. If you want to email a large number of codes, it is best to export the codes and attach to an email instead of using the Ad-ID email feature.

1. Find the code(s) you want to email.

      Access codes from the Ad-ID Codes table. Sort columns or filter in table if needed.      

2Check the box next to the code(s) to be emailed.

      Check box at top left to select all codes.

      A pop up message will indicate if it selects all codes in the table or on the current page.  


3. Click on Export menu and select Email.    

4. Update Subject and enter email text in Body if needed.

5. Select or enter emails. 

      Previously used emails are saved and can be selected from the Saved addresses list.

      Enter other emails in Additional addresses. Separate emails with a comma. 

      You may want to include your email as a recipient to confirm the email was sent.

6. Email will be sent to emails selected/entered.

      Codes are displayed in the body of the email.