You must be an Administrator of the group to manage user access. For information on adding users, see Add Users.

1. Click on the Groups menu and select group.    

2Click Manage Group Users on right side.    

3. A list of users will be displayed.

     Users that have been invited but have not registered are listed in the Invited table.   

4. Edit user role: Click icon in Actions column to edit a user's role.     

5. Select Role and click Update.

6. Remove from group

      Check boxes next to email(s) and select Remove Users from Group from Actions menu or use trash can icon in Actions column to remove individual user.    

7. Manage user access to multiple groups: Click on email

8. Check group(s) to remove or edit access for.

      Only groups you are an Administrator of will be shown. The user may have access to other groups.

9. Click on Actions menu to select action for selected groups.