FAQs about Ad-ID 2023 Rate Changes


Q: What is happening?


A: The transactional rate card has been discontinued. It has been replaced by a combination of annual subscriptions and an open rate for advertisers. Subscriptions are already available. The transactional fee for registering an ad will increase to $45 per ad registration/code creation on April 1, 2023. This open rate will not include any further discounting.



Q: What if I have already renewed based on the old rate card?


A: The $30 fee per ad registration/code and its associated discounts will remain in effect until March 31, 2023, if you have renewed your account based on the old rate card. As of April 1, 2023, ads registered using the transactional rate card will be charged $45 per ad. No discounts will be applied to accounts that remain on a transactional rate card.



Q: Will funding a transactional account change?


A: Not for accounts that will continue to register ads in small volume on a transactional or pay-as-you-go basis. They will continue to be funded as in the past either by Purchase Order or Credit Card.



Q: What if I have a credit balance in my existing account when I transfer to a subscription?


A: Your credit balance will be refunded and applied to your new subscription account.



Q: Will prefixes still be at no charge?


A: Yes, Ad-ID will continue to setup prefixes at no charge.



Q: Is there any change for 501(c)(3) non-profits?


A: No, qualified non-profit organizations with 501(c)(3) designation will continue to register their ads at no charge.


Q: What types of subscriptions are available?


A: Annual subscriptions are based on the volume of ads registered per year. There are two types: Basic and Enterprise. The most basic subscription includes 100 to 199 ad registrations/codes annually at yearly fee of $5,000. Other basic subscriptions are noted in the table below. Enterprise subscriptions start at $25,000 and are designed for advertisers who need more than 700 ad registrations/codes annually and include additional services to meet the needs of high-volume advertisers (see options in the table below).



Annual Subscription Rate Billed annually

Annual # of Ad Registrations/Codes















Q: How is the volume calculated?


A: Volume is based on the previous year’s ad registration levels. By request the Client Success team can provide statistics for multiple years that can be used for this calculation. Email cs@ad-id.org if you anticipate a change in your needs and want to discuss options.



Q: What if I go over the package code limit or find I need more?


A: The number of ad registrations are subject to review if you go over your subscribed limit, however, you are not automatically moved to the next tier. You can upgrade your subscription at any time to take advantage of bigger discounts if you need significantly more codes. We would be happy to discuss this option if it occurs.



Q: Will there be a change to the number of codes I can void with credit?


A: With subscription accounts there is no limit to the number of codes that can be voided. Voided codes do not count towards your ad registration totals. The current limit of 20 Voided codes with Credit per year will continue for all transactional accounts.


Q: Will I get credit for unused codes within a subscription?


A: The subscriptions are based on a package of codes. Unused codes do not carryover year by year and there are no credits for unused codes.



Q: Are annual subscriptions automatically renewed?


A: Yes, the ad registration activity is reviewed at the end of a contracted term and the agreement will be renewed automatically unless negotiated without the auto-renew option.



Q: As an agency can we combine our client activity under an agency umbrella to qualify for volume discounts?


A: Yes, this is a possible option for agencies with a number of small-sized advertisers with low annual volume. Under these circumstances the advertisers can be combined in order to qualify for a subscription package. If you are interested in an agency level subscription, please reach out to the Client Success team at cs@ad-id.org.



Q: Can the billing be spread out over the year or does it need to be paid upfront?


A: Under select circumstances the cadence of billing can be adjusted in order to be invoiced twice per year. Please reach out to the Client Success team at cs@ad-id.org for more information about this option.



Q: Are the payment options the same as under the transactional system?


A: If the account remains on a transactional or pay-as-you-go basis then you will continue to pay by Purchase Order (PO) or Credit Card using the funding screens in the system.


Subscription accounts are handled differently, and POs must be submitted to Accounting or Client Success to be processed with the subscription invoice. If you’d prefer to pay by Credit Card, please reach out to Accounting (accounting@ad-id.org) to arrange to pay by this method.


Q: What type of additional products and services are available to Enterprise clients?


A: Ad-ID offers a range of training and reporting options depending on the enterprise package. Please contact the Client Success team at cs@ad-id.org for more details.



Q: What if I have a question that hasn't been answered here?


A: Contact the Client Success team at cs@ad-id.org.