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Q: What is a prefix?


The first 4 characters of the AD-ID code is called a Prefix. This is the Advertiser identifier.  A Prefix can consist of any combination of letters or numbers but cannot start with the number zero. 


Many Advertisers already have at least one Prefix or in some cases have the rights for certain alphanumeric prefix combinations, therefore not all requested combinations are available.


Q: How do I gain access to an Advertiser’s prefix?


● Before access to existing prefixes or new prefixes can be added to a new Account you need to provide permission in writing from the Advertiser to register the creative on their behalf.


● The Client Success Team will check the AD-ID database to confirm if Prefixes already exist for your Advertiser client. With permission, access can be provided for those that apply.


● If the Advertiser is new to AD-ID, the Client Success Team will check if the requested 4-character identifier is available and suggest alternatives if the preferred Prefix is not.


● Once the Prefix and code format is approved, the Client Success Team will complete the Prefix set up and provide access, adding the relevant Prefix(es) to the appropriate Group and Account.



If you have any questions, you can contact the Client Success Team at and they can help you set up your Prefix access.

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