Ad-ID provides multiple ways for companies to integrate their systems with the Ad-ID system to eliminate the need for manual rekeying of data into multiple systems. We provide a Representational State Transfer application program interface (RESTful API), our standard API, that allows for easy integrations at no cost. Following are the options:

  • Create codes: Use another system to enter the required Ad-ID information. The information is sent to Ad-ID through the API to create the Ad-ID code. The prefix, group and account (see Glossary) must be set up on the system and a purchase must be made prior to creating codes through the API.

  • Access existing codes and data by group: Other systems can be given access to Ad-ID (s) which allows them to pull the codes and associated data from that group into their system. In most cases, they are added with read only permission so they cannot edit code information.

  • Access existing codes and data by individual code: Users can provide specific companies access to individual codes through the External Access section of a code record. The companies listed use the API to pull the codes and associated data into their system, but they cannot edit the code information on the Ad-ID system.