There are multiple ways that you can give other companies, such as commercial distribution vendors, access to your Ad-ID codes and associated data.

The following options require that the company has set up an Ad-ID integration.

1. Provide access to codes and associated data by group

  • This provides the company with access to any codes created within the group you have added them to (existing codes and any new ones created in the future).
  • Add the company’s designated email to your Ad-ID group(s). The company should be able to provide you with the email they are using for their Ad-ID integration.
  • The process is the same as adding users to your group. The Read Only permission is typically used so the company cannot edit code information.

2.  Provide access to codes and associated data by individual code

  • This requires the Ad-ID user to mark specific codes to be shared instead of allowing access to all codes within a group.
  • When creating or editing codes, there is an External Access tab that lists the companies set up with this integration. Users can select one or multiple companies to allow access to that individual code record.
  • The companies receiving the code information cannot edit that information on the Ad-ID system.  



Ad-ID has also created file exports that allow you to upload your Ad-ID data into third-party systems that have not set up an integration with Ad-ID.