Ad-ID has created file exports that allow you to upload your Ad-ID codes and associated data into third-party systems that have not set up an integration with Ad-ID.

When creating or editing a code, there is an Agency Systems section where you may need to complete additional information required by the other system for your upload to work. The bottom of this section includes links to instructions for each system.



From the Ad-ID Codes table on your Dashboard or within a group, you can select the codes you want to upload to the other system and then select the Export menu. This menu will show the systems that Ad-ID has created exports for. Click on the appropriate option, save the exported file and then access the other system to upload


If you have questions specific to the export functionality on the Ad-ID system, please contact Client Success

Please note that Ad-ID cannot answer questions regarding the third-party systems and any questions regarding the upload process should be directed to your contacts at that company.