There are two search options: Quick Search and Advanced Code Search. Quick Search is located at the right of the top navigation bar. Enter a full Ad-ID code, word or phrase and press enter to retrieve the results. The following steps explain the Advanced Code Search.

Newly created codes may take up to 10 minutes to become searchable.

Search results include all codes created since January 2015Contact Client Success if you need codes created prior to 2015.

1. Click on the Search menu and select Advanced Code Search.    

2Enter an Ad-ID code or keyword or leave blank.

      Search will query across all slate and additional metadata fields.

      Click on question mark next to search bar for search tips.

3. Select Group(s), Prefix(es) or code creation dates, or leave blank.

      To select multiple groups or prefixes, use the control key (command on Mac).

      Leave "All groups" and/or "All Prefixes" selections to search across everything.

4. Click Search to see results.

      Results only include codes created since January 2015. 

      Contact customer service for codes prior to January 2015.

      You can customize the fields displayed in the Ad-ID code table.     

5. Use filters to update results.

      To apply filters, click Apply Selections or click a filter tab. Clicking outside the menu will not apply the filter.

      Additional Filters includes more filters like Job Number or Agency.

      The number of codes is listed next to each item in the filter menu.      

6. Use search bar within filter if needed.

      The menu displays the first 50 entries.

      Type in the beginning of the value you are looking for and press enter/return on your keyboard.

      The search bar is case sensitive.    

7. Filters can be removed as needed.

      The applied filters show above the filter tabs.

      Click on the X to remove the filter or click Clear Filters to remove all.


8. Export all results using blue Export button.

      The blue Export button will only be visible if the results include 1,000 codes or less.

      The export will download an Excel file with only the slate fields.

      If an export of more than 1,000 codes is needed, please contact customer service.    

9. Use check boxes to select codes for export or other actions.

      The check box at the top of the column only selects the codes on the current page.

      You cannot select codes across multiple pages.  

10. Select an export option if needed.

         When selecting codes for export, only 200 codes or less can be exported per page.

        The Print and Email options include only the fields shown in the table.

        Export Slate options include all slate fields or fields set in your export preferences.

        Export Full options include all slate and additional metadata fields.

11. Select from Actions menu if needed.

         Edit: edit code information for selected codes (see Edit Multiple Codes)

        Void: remove the codes from your code list (see Void Codes)

        Add to group(s): add selected codes to specific groups

        Remove from group(s): remove selected codes from specific groups

12. Save search if needed.

         If filters are applied before saving, the filters will be saved as well.

        Up to 10 searches can be stored. They are accessible on the Advanced Code Search screen.

        Remove saved searches by clicking on the X next to the name.