Matching SD (standard definition), HD (high definition) and/or 3D codes apply only to Video codes. The codes have the same 11 characters and only the 12th character varies (e.g., ABCD1234000 and ABCD1234000H). Matching SD/HD/3D codes can be created at the same time during initial code creation. The following instructions describe how to create the matching code for an existing code.

There is no additional charge to create a matching definition code.

1. Find the code for which you need the matching definition.

      Access the code from the Ad-ID Codes table on the dashboard or group, or find through search.

2Click directly on the code.      

3. Click on Edit on the right side.    

4. Check off the definition needed.      

5. Click on Submit. 

      Once the form is submitted, the matching code will be created.