AR Procedure Updates (as of October 24, 2022)

AR Procedure Updates FAQs


Q: What is happening?

A: AD-ID will be revising our policy and procedures for past due invoices. Currently, AD-ID suspends accounts when invoices become 150 days overdue. This is 120 days past AD-ID’s payment terms of 30 days.


As of January 1, 2023, AD-ID will begin the suspension process when invoices reach 90 days past due.


We will continue to notify the customer when the account is in jeopardy of being suspended due to non-payment. Our procedures currently include two emails to the invoice and statement recipients as well as the account administrators, 5-days apart.


If we do not receive a response to these emails and/or proof of payment, the account will be suspended the day after the second email is sent.


Q: Why are you changing the suspension policy from 150 days to 90 days?

A: Our current collection period is 120 days which is significantly higher than the average 60-day collection period. Our goal is to ensure that we are as active in the accounts receivable process as possible to safeguard against invoices becoming egregiously overdue and companies not being able to process payment for them. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible and continue to provide the best quality support and service to our AD-ID clients. In order to ensure that service, we are asking our clients to remit payment according to terms.


Q: What are Ad-ID’s Payment Terms?

A: Our payment terms are 30 days from the date of the invoice.


Q: How can a past due invoice be paid?

A: Past due invoices can be paid via ACH, check, or credit card. If you would like to pay via ACH or check, the bank details can be found below and also on  the bottom left-hand corner of every invoice. If you would like to pay via credit card, you will need to reach out to 


Q: What does it mean if a billing account is suspended?

A: If a billing account is suspended because of a past due invoice, users are not able to use the account to purchase or create any new codes from the date of suspension. Once the past due invoice is paid, the account is reactivated, and users can use it to create codes.


Q: Will I be notified if my account is going to be suspended?

A: Yes, the invoice and statement recipients as well as the account administrators will be notified via email when an account is in jeopardy of being suspended. If we don’t receive any communication from those contacts within 5-business days, we will send one additional follow up email. The account will be suspended the day following the follow up email if we have not heard from the client regarding payment on the past due invoice.


Q: Is there a processing time from when I pay the invoice to the account being reactivated?

A: The account is reactivated immediately from the time we receive confirmation of payment and/or payment. There is no processing time.


Q: What forms of payment confirmation do you accept?

A: In order for an account to remain active when there is a past due invoice, we need one of the following:

a.       A copy of the check stub indicating payment on the invoice is imminent

b.       A screenshot of the ACH confirmation and/or ACH remittance information

c.      Credit card payment for the past due invoice which is processed by one of our staff members.


These proof of payments or payments can be arranged by emailing


Q: How often am I notified of past due invoices?

A: Statements are emailed to the emails set up to receive statements at the beginning of each month. These statements are sent for any account with an outstanding invoice. Then, on the 15th of each month, we send an additional summary statement for all accounts that have invoices over 45 days past due to the same statement recipients.


Q: If my account is suspended, but I need to create codes, what can I do?

A: We do offer a 5-day grace period when users need to create a code, but can’t process the invoice payment immediately. In order to receive the 5-day grace period, you need to provide proof that payment is being processed. This is typically an email from your accounts payable team confirming the date payment will be sent to AD-ID. This email should be sent to Once we receive this email, we can reactivate the account for 5-business days. If we do not receive the payment by the end of the day on the fifth day, the account will be suspended again. During the 5-days the account is active, the user can purchase and create codes as needed.


Q: How can I get a copy of the past due invoice?

A: If you made the purchase on the billing account or are an administrator of the account, you can download a copy of the invoice directly from the system via the invoice log which is located on the right-hand navigation bar within the billing account. You can also email for a copy as well.



Q: How do I make changes to the invoice so I can process it for payment?

A: Invoices can be edited directly on the AD-ID system. For additional instructions on editing invoices, you can email Once the invoice is edited, you are able to download a revised copy for processing.


Please note that only certain fields on the invoice can be edited. We cannot change the date the invoice was created or the invoice amount. Only the client  information (billing contact, address, etc.), PO #, and job # can be edited after the invoice is created.


Q: Who do I contact if I have other questions about this new process?

A: You can email our accounting team at