The most obvious benefit is that it provides unique identification for ads, just like we use unique ids for social security numbers, license plates, etc. Publishers receive large numbers of ads every day. If an advertiser submits an ad with the description “Summer Sale,” there may be several other “Summer Sale” spots in the publisher’s inventory. A unique identifier differentiates each ad to avoid confusion, reduce the risk of errors and allow for everyone to have a more accurate inventory of assets.

Identifiers cannot be truly unique unless they are created through a single source and used universally. Ad-ID is a central, online system that generates and stores the codes, along with descriptive information about the ad. Using Ad-ID streamlines workflows by offering integrations with other systems in the advertising industry to reduce rekeying of data and provide data consistency.

For everyone to reap the most benefit, Ad-ID should be used by all companies through the entire workflow from the time the code is created until the ad is shown to the end consumer. The more companies that use the Ad-ID code, the more everyone benefits.