Account: A billing account. Used to purchase credits to create codes. 

Code: An 11 or 12 character identifier created for an advertising asset. A code begins with a 4-character prefix (see definition below).

Code Record Type: Indicates whether the advertising asset is an original or derivative of another advertising asset it is related to. For example, a derivative may be a revision of the original asset.

Credits: The Ad-ID system refers to credits when making a purchase. 1 credit = $1

Dashboard: Acts like a homepage and shows up to 100 most recently created codes across all groups you have access to. You can also find a list of prefixes and accounts, as well as access hidden groups.

Group: Used as a security mechanism and act as a container for prefixes, accounts, codes and users.  

Hidden Group: A group that is no longer being used by your company. Groups are usually hidden for clients your company no longer works with.

Locked Account/Prefix: Can only be used for the advertiser associated to them. 


Metadata: Additional information used to describe an Ad-ID. When creating or viewing a code record, there are additional tabs on the left side that include optional metadata fields. See Ad-ID Field Descriptions for more details.

Overflow: Characters 9 through 11 of an Ad-ID code for all formats except for Custom 7. The overflow characters are automatically assigned by the Ad-ID system using alpha-numeric characters and cannot be customized.  

Parent Company: The company that is considered the owner of another company. It is possible a company is its own parent company. When activating a locked prefix, the parent company is required and refers to the Advertiser. An advertising agency is not considered a parent company for their clients. 

Prefix: A 4 character identifier licensed to a company and used at the beginning of each Ad-ID code. Prefixes may contain letters and/or numbers, but they cannot start with zero.

Slate: Includes all of the required and optional fields for creating your Ad-ID code.

User: Someone who has access to the Ad-ID system. There are 4 user permissions: Administrator, User, Edit and Read Only.