As of April 1, 2023, ads registered using the transactional rate card will be charged $45 per ad. No discounts will be applied to accounts that remain on a transactional rate card.

Qualified non-profit organizations with 501(c)(3) designation register their ads at no charge. 

Annual subscriptions are based on the volume of ads registered per year. There are two types: Basic and Enterprise. The most basic subscription includes 100 to 199 ad registrations/codes annually at yearly fee of $5,000. Enterprise subscriptions start at $25,000 and are designed for advertisers who need more than 700 ad registrations/codes annually and include additional services to meet the needs of high-volume advertisers.

Volume is based on the previous year’s ad registration levels. By request the Client Success team can provide statistics for multiple years that can be used for this calculation. Email Client Success if you anticipate a change in your needs and want to discuss options.