Upgraded Service FAQs (as of October 5, 2022)

Q: What is happening?

A:  Starting on October 5th, 2022, the creation of Prefixes and Accounts will be handled by the AD-ID Client Success Team. Users will still be able to create and administer their own Group(s) unless you prefer that AD-ID handle the complete set up process.


Q: Will these changes affect my ability to access the groups I already belong to or access codes I have already created?

 A: No. The changes will affect only the creation of new groups, accounts, and prefixes. The changes will not affect current groups, accounts and/or prefixes in AD-ID or your ability to register new creative and create codes for those assets.

 Q: What will be different when I try to set up a new advertiser?

A: As part of the enhanced services, the Client success team will handle the setup on your behalf. You will need to contact them at cs@ad-id.org with the advertiser details for setup, including written permissions and billing information.

 As in the past, AD-ID requires written permission from the advertiser that the agency or third party has permission to create AD-ID codes for them. This applies whether the advertiser is new to AD-ID or new to the agency or third party. This can be done by providing written permission in the form of an AOR letter or an email from the advertiser. 

 You will also need to provide the billing details to the CS team to create the new billing account.

Please note: Screenshots of messages in Slack, Teams, and other forms of chat applications will not be accepted as a form of permission.


Q: What will be different when I try to create a new prefix?

A: As part of the enhanced services, the AD-ID Client Success team will take care of the Prefix Creation. If you need a prefix for either a new or an existing advertiser, please contact the Client Success team at cs@ad-id.org. We will need written permission from the advertiser which grants agency or third party access to create prefix. The advertiser can send an email to cs@ad-id.org granting permission for a new prefix to be created and access granted to the agency or third party. 


Q: Will I still be able to create and manage Groups?

A: Yes, Users can still create and/or manage new Groups, and administer existing Groups. The Client Success team would be happy to create any new groups you require. Please contact them at cs@ad-id.org if you prefer to have them complete the entire advertiser setup. Please include a list of users if you would like the Client Success team to create a group on your behalf.

 Please note: if you plan to create your own groups, the naming convention to use is as follows: Agency/third party name-Advertiser name.


Q: Who can I contact if I have questions or need help?

A: Please contact the Client Success Team at cs@ad-id.org if you have any questions or help.